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Shut Up Haters (2019) Watch Full Movie Streaming Online

Duration: 45 minutes
Actors: Johan Airijoki, Malin Buska, Erling Fredriksson, Erika Cardenas Hedenberg
Genres: Short, Drama
Director: Jon Blåhed
Writert Jon Blåhed
Release: 2019-01-27
Summary of Shut Up Haters
Maja (22) lives in Stockholm, Sweden but a death within the family forces her back to her hometown of Pajala. In Pajala, her sister Sofia lives with the troubadour Johan. After the funeral, Sofia will accompany Johan on a summer tour around Tornedalen, and Maja decides to come along. It will be a journey where questions about their origin and the future of the Tornedal will be put on their head.

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