Watch Free Electric Girl (2019) Full Movie Online

Electric Girl (2019) Watch Full Movie Streaming Online

Duration: 89 minutes
Actors: Victoria Schulz, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Björn von der Wellen, Svenja Jung
Genres: Drama
Director: Ziska Riemann
Writert Angela Christlieb, Dagmar Gabler, Ziska Riemann, Luci Van Org
Release: 2019-07-11
Summary of Electric Girl
Mia, who lends her voice to a Japanese Anime super heroine, finds reality and fiction to be interlacing more and more. Suddenly, Mia can see electricity, leap off rooftops and save people’s lives. But as Mia’s superpowers grow, so does her awareness of looming danger. Just as in the Kimiko anime, hostile powers are planning a massive electric blackout to destroy the city, maybe even humanity itself. And while Mia tries to save everybody from the imminent crisis, it's her own stability which seems to be put at stake.

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