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Duration: 107 minutes
Actors: Francesca Cavallin, Justin Korovkin, Ginevra Francesconi, Maurizio Lombardi
Genres: Horror, Mystery
Director: Roberto De Feo
Writert Roberto De Feo (story), Lucio Besana (screenplay), Margherita Ferri (screenplay), David Bellini (screenplay), Roberto De Feo (screenplay)
Release: 2019-08-15
Summary of The Nest
Samuel is a paraplegic young boy living with his mother Elena in "Lake manor," an isolated mansion surrounded by woods. With the strict prohibition to walk away from the mansion, stuck in a family routine, Samuel grows serene but unsatisfied and restless. With the coming of Denise, a teenage maid, he finally finds the strength to oppose his mother’s restraints and to open himself up to the world.

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