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Duration: 135 minutes
Actors: Natalia Jugheli, Vladimer Kobakhidze, Giorgi Petriashvili, Anna Talakvadze
Genres: N/A
Director: Dmitry Mamuliya
Writert Archil Kikodze, Dmitry Mamuliya
Release: 2019-09-05
Summary of The Criminal Man
The Criminal Man tells the story of the main engineer of a factory, 25-year-old George Meskhi, who has accidentally witnessed the killing of a famous goalkeeper. All this turns his life upside down. George begins to follow the young and beautiful wife of the goalkeeper and becomes interested in everything related to this crime. He studies the faces of the criminals, looking for a clue to some mystery in them. This is a film about a metamorphosis and about the birth of a murderer.

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